Presentation: CPD: Getting Program Design and Delivery Right

If you were following on Twitter (@WileyProLearn if you’re interested), our own Chris Graf recently attended the Professions Australia Workshop in Canberra, Australia.

Chris’ thoughts for the day were:

My favourite words of wisdom were “Shiny boots do not a security professional make”, from Jason Brown, Australian Council of Security Professionals, talking on CPD in the security professions. Jason’s implication was that for any profession, being a professional is a lifelong commitment, not a superficial one. Continuing professional development (continuous learning) is part of that commitment. Whether your metaphorical boots are shiny or not.

Again, the “across the professions” theme that we saw at our March 1st seminar came out loud and clear at Professions Australia. The biggest learning for me was that all professional groups, from security professionals, through computer professionals, through pharmacists, through dietitians, through chiropractors, are facing similar challenges.

Chris presented on how to get your CPD program design and delivery right. You can watch the presentation below.


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