Seminal Professional Learning Paper: Moore et al., Achieving Desired Results and Improved Outcomes: Integrating Planning and Assessment Throughout Learning Activities

We’ve just been reading the seminal 2009 paper from Donald Moore, Joseph Green, and Harry Gallis in Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.

Moore and his colleagues discuss how to use continuing medical education to improve “health care outcomes, specifically physician performance and patient health status” and propose a conceptual model to:

“integrate assessment efforts with educational planning and instructional design continuously throughout a learning activity, and focus planning and assessment on achieving desired outcomes”

Table 1 on the third page is a good place to start. It presents Moore and colleagues’ new learning outcomes levels (3A, 3B and 4):

Participation [Level 1], Satisfaction [Level 2], Learning–declarative knowledge [Level 3A], Learning–procedural knowledge [Level 3B], Competence [Level 4], Performance [Level 5], Patient health [Level 6], and Community health [Level 7]

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions cover

We liked the paper so much we’ve made it available free for everyone.
Have a read and add your comments below.

Chris Graf and Chris Shorten


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