Poll Friday: Video in learning

Starting this week, Wiley Professional Learning celebrates Fridays with a quick one-question poll. We’ll give you a few days to answer, then post the results next week for everyone to discuss.

Thanks for your responses.

Thumbnail image by NASA MSFC, via Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “Poll Friday: Video in learning

  1. For me, video enhances learning when complex ideas are being described. For example, animation can bring complex systems to life, and human interactions can be modelled using actors and a script (or storytelling animations: http://www.xtranormal.com/). Those are useful uses.

    But — for me — video must be accompanied by written materials that enable me to read fast and skip to what’s of most interest to me, and to work out whether or not I want to watch the video (I can’t watch a video faster than the real-time it plays in, for example, which means it’s hard for me to skip bits I’m not going to learn from).

    And for my learning style, a talking-head accompanying slides would be better as a transcript with slides interspersed.

    Last, for video to enhance my learning experience, just like text it needs to be edited into the right sized ‘pieces’. There’s no value for me in a 60 minute video (unless it’s an episode of The Wire http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wire).

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