What you told us…

We asked our delegates what they would like to ask or tell us based on their experiences at the ‘Across the Professions’ seminar.

Here are just a few of the things they told us:

Your organisation has done a great service here in bringing these people together, maybe you could do a webinar roundup to see what they are planning to do and how they can help each other, then later another roundup where they can discuss what they did and what happened.  Again your support is valuable but they have to do it.  (I am not a keen blogger myself, too much to do already)
Comment from: Gerald Moss

Overall it was a really cool day – great content and very well run and managed from a logistics perspective.

This was one of the best learning opportunities I have had for a long time

A great day, hopefully there will be more sessions that will develop this topic

Perhaps be more aware of those who experience learning difficulties and/or print disabilities of any sort because society and the economy is missing out on a lot of talent by not considering their tech and learning needs, and valuing their potential contribution(s). One of the Wiley folk said something to the effect that Universities are starting to “look at” these learners now. How about getting in touch with a company such a Quantum Technology and having a look at what they are doing.

Could there be an international focus? Are we up with the rest of the world?
Comment from: Vicki Smith

We’ll be taking all your comments on board with our future plans. If you’d like your say, take our survey or add your comments below.


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