Professional Learning: What should we do next?

We asked delegates from the ‘Across the Professions’ seminar what would add value to the Professional Development community. Put simply, we asked them what we should do next.

This is what they told us:

I would engage with professional bodies to tailor content to their members in a meaningful way.

A central depot of non-medical expert e-learning modules – professional, manager, communicator, collaborator, researcher/scholar, Patient support/health advocacy.  I’m currently developing approx 16 30-45 minute ‘foundational’ modules in 3 areas – professional, manager, communicator with a gov’t grant.

Seeing actual developed programs for CPD using newest technologies.
“Showcasing best practices where we are able to touch and see.”
Comment from: Vicki Smith

Further seminars would be greatly appreciated.

Start providing Jossey-Bass and Pfeiffer products to medical colleges.

Easier ways to use each others tools, not reinventing the wheel. I think many invitees where open and interested in this opportunity and it would be a good way to build relations. In addition, idea- and tool sharing is a great jump off point to improve CPD as a whole throughout the industries.

Make this an annual event?

Work on hooking up people who need to produce new tools for their population with those people who are doing it well.  Demonstrate some tools that people can implement to make their CPD really work well.

Consider holding this meeting on a permanent annual basis. Maintain a focus on technology advances in relation to medical education ie what works, what doesn’t.

Survey monkey (hit the dots) to determine what their skills and interests are, their strengths and weaknesses, and figure out what kind of culture you have got to work with and realistically do they have the time and interest to invest say one hour a week or fortnight to share an online forum or do it all by emails to all, to small group activity. Also how they think your expertise and encouragement could be used to support because they have to do it, and you are putting them in touch. I think some basic skill development in search so they can easily find “what is known about” whatever they want to work on – not a literature review, just a good idea of what is there, and the references will take them further if needs be.
Comment from: Gerald Moss

Use the common ingredients (if you will), of the various main issues – e.g. credentialing, PD points, compliance, (however refined you want to break down the issues) – and develop a sort of professional learning checklist that an organisation/association can use as a guide against which to compare their existing policies and to upgrade their own policies. Including ideas in relation to finance, e.g. no charge for a PD e-module, but charge for the credential – new ideas to make up for the dwindling face-to-face workshop numbers which can eat into former revenue.

Find a system to count/measure CPD activities on line easily!  Offer some practical seminars on how to engage with the various technologies and social networking sites eg how might I set up a closed social networking site if I wanted to?

Translate incidental learnings into easily captured and tracked CPD.

Tell us what do you think should happen next. Or leave us a comment below.


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