What did our delegates like most about the ‘Across the Professions’ seminar?

We asked our delegates what they liked most about our seminar. Here’s what they told us.

  • The opportunity to share common challenges with professionals in other fields, and to discover how we are meeting those challenges.
  • Christine Redman’s session on Learning Theory. The Hypothetical case discussion.
  • All speakers were great – they were different and they really kept your interest.  Loved the university lecturer and the interactive presentation. Comment from: Vicki Smith
  • An excellent series of speakers, effectively a cross section of the educational professions.
  • Networking . Listening to the audience’s comments and questions . Commonalities in educational philosophy and technology.
  • The opening speaker on IT developments and future possibilities.  Innovative. The case studies were a good way to demonstrate PD through the industries. Last part of the day with the plane example was a good way for people to think about the wider ramifications of PD.
  • The energy and commitment of the speakers and audience  progressive and forward looking approach.
  • Insights from professionals who are actually using and producing CPD tools.
  • The variety of speakers.
  • Diversity of content and speakers.  Relevance to modern day learning day environment.  Creating an understanding generational characteristics and the influence and importance they play in the development of a learning environment.  Discussions around learning technologies; what works, what’s needed for engagement, the increasing role of social networking.  Case studies.
  • Wide range of interests covered and represented.  Many contacts made and probably some cemented.  About the right size for this purpose.  Good atmosphere, the tea and meal breaks worked OK considering all in one room, venue was good. Acoustics and video were good. Comment from: Gerald Moss
  • I started from a low base on CPD experiences and so learnt quite a bit.
  • 1st, being invited. Learning the CPD, credentialling, e-learning and related  processes and issues that the major organisations represented go tackle, and realising they are essentially the same logical processes for us all.
  • The engagement of people from other professional groups  Christine Redman’s ‘walking the talk’ of engaging learners Jon White’s challenge about social engagement /closed loops etc…. Good length of time at lunch to catch up with people.
  • Multiprofessional, noting the differences and similarities from the different professions was interesting.

What did you think?


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